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Automatic Fare Collection Systems

Automatic Fare Collection System (AFC) is one of basic station equipment that consists of automatic gate machine, ticket vending machine and ticket checking machine. In this application, stable and integrated platforms are necessarily to keep passenger flow run smoothly at peak hours; at the same time, all data will be gathered and transmitted into center.

Automatic Fare Collection System (AFC) is a contactless smartcard-based end-to-end solution for fare collection and payment.

AFC machine is the equipment used in the automatic fare collection system. The elements of AFC system are: - Ticket vending machines (TVMs), where passengers can buy a ticket for their journey Ticket office machines (TOMs), used by vehicle staff to issue tickets at stations Add value machines (AVMs), where passengers having a stored value ticket can increase the residual value. Fare gates, which form a barrier between the ""unpaid"" area of the station and the ""paid"" area where passengers must possess a valid ticket. The faregate will read and release the gate when a valid ticket is presented. Tickets, which come in a number of varieties (according to the system in use) but which all have an electronically encoded data content indicating the validity and/or use of the ticket. A computerized accounting and management system, which consists of a station computer for each station and a central computer linked to all the stations.