Yatra Card

Yatra Card

What is Yatra Card?
Yatra Card is a brand owned by Fintech used for fare payment on transportation sector. It is NFC RFID enabled smart card with proven security and is widely used in the field of digital payment. Users can top-up up to Rs. 25,000 (as per NRB directive) in the Yatra Card.

How Yatra Card Works?
After the purchase of Yatra Card, Commuters needs to Tap the card to the Pax Machine used inside the bus. After reaching the destination commuter needs to tap out the card, where he/she will receive the printed ticket which includes:

Bus Number.
Source & Destination of travel.

Fare deducted on travel.
Remaining Amount in card.
KM Travelled.
Date and time of travel. 

Commuters will be provided the yatra app in near future, where the commuters can check the transaction history.
Amount left on the Commuters card can do payment through smart phones with the use of NFC.

Types Of Yatra Cards 

1. Personalized Yatra Card 

2. Non-Personalized Yatra Card



Personalized Card

A personalized card is suitable for regular commuters who want to use their wallet or bank account for recharging the card as required. It can be the value of the maximum of Rs. 25,000.00 as approved by the Central Bank of Nepal. This card can us recharged with a bank account or wallet account. This card contains a Detail of the card users along with a Picture. The card users have to complete the KYC form for getting the card. This card is suitable for Students, Senior Citizens, Citizen with Different Ability and other categories of passengers who is entitled to get concession in the public transport.

To Register for the personalized cards commuters should visit the nearby Fintech booth/Fintech Website and fill up the form. 

Requirments for personalized cards.
Student Id. 
Citizenship Id. 
Authorized Card for disabled people.
PP size photo.
After submittion of form commuters can collect yatra card within 72 hrs.


Non-Personalized Card

This card is useful for regular commuters with minimum stored value. The maximum limit that can be stored in the card is Rs. 25,000.00. Fintech provides this card with a certain deposit to the passengers. The card can be recharged from the Fintech booth, inside the bus, and other locations specified by the Fintech. The card owner can recharge any value in the card. The card is valid for three years. It can be renewed before its expiry. Commuters needs to simply fill up the form providing the details as Phone Number And name can collect instantly from the booth