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Fintech International Pvt. Ltd.

Fintech International Pvt. Ltd. is a private company having LOA for digital financial transaction (NRB) which is registered under Company Registrar of Government of Nepal. It is established by a prominent group of businessmen aiming at providing digital payment service in Nepalese Market.

The payment system is traditional cash-based system. It is not growing as it is expected with the change in the literacy rate as well as the economically active population. The traditional payment system is time consuming, chance of misunderstanding and not as per the dream of the "Smart City". To transfer the traditional payment system to the modern digital payment system through AFC (Automatic Fare Collection) system in Kathmandu valley initially and gradually throughout the country is the main objective of the company.

We are Collaborating with AUM Infotech (Bangalore) as technology partner, working to change the traditional fare collection system using modern digital payment system in Kathmandu Valley.

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Mission Statement


  • To provide excellence in client service and compliance through our unwavering commitment to our stakeholders and continued focus on process improvement.
  • To Connect society with the Digital life and make digital Nepal.
  • To make Nepal Cashless fare payment system.
Vision Statement


  • To be recognized as proactive, results-oriented leaders who work in collaboration with their stakeholders to offer excellence in operational and strategic cashless payment service to support the achievement of Digital Nepal.


We value innovative, timely, efficient, solution-oriented, and cost-effective services and systems. We are committed to achieving the highest levels of customer satisfaction. We provide leadership to the community in delivering proactive Cashless Payment solutions and services that helps to materialize the theme of "Digital Nepal" as well as "Smart City".

  • Our core value is to insure flawless digital fare payment system to our stakeholders, provide modern fare payment system to the Public sector and to work as change maker in the field of public transportation.


  • To lead transportation sector by providing digital, cashless, contactless fare payment.
  • To provide hassle free fare payment system in public transportation.
  • To be a legend in public transportation system working as change agenda with innovative idea.